Bastard Jazz

Bastard Jazz

Brooklyn,  USA
Brooklyn boutique record label. Purveyors of fine beats worldwide.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nhttps:// see full bio
Brooklyn boutique record label. Purveyors of fine beats worldwide.
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Dangerous California Weed Strain Makes Jam Bands Sound Good.
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Mariana Deep
Potatohead People - Broke The Pen (feat. Mosaic)
Lord Echo - Digital Haircut
B. Bravo - Paradise (Intro)
B. Bravo - Lay It On The Line
B. Bravo - LA Nights (Interlude)
B. Bravo - Groove ft. Rojai
B. Bravo - Stay The Night
B. Bravo - Starz In Your Eyez ft. Lauren Faith
B. Bravo - Don't You Worry ft. KISSEY
B. Bravo - Summer Love (Ride The Wave)
B. Bravo - Can't Keep My Hands Off You ft. Reva DeVito
B. Bravo - Freak It ft. Trailer Limon
Starz In Your Eyes feat. Lauren Faith (Michael Tello's Pillowtalk Remix)
B. Bravo - Can't Keep My Hands Off You ft. Reva Devito (Grandfeather Remix)
B. Bravo_Lay It On The Line (SMBD '83 MIX)
B. Bravo - Dont You Worry ft. Kissey (Captain Planet Remix ft. Badí)
Premiere: B. Bravo 'Freak It ft. Trailer Limon (Sammy Bananas Remix)'
B. Bravo - I'm For Real (XL Middleton Remix)
B. Bravo - Stay The NIght (Mr. Carmack Remix)
B. Bravo - I'm For Real
B. Bravo - Energy
Lord Echo - Things I Like To Do
Ningané ft. Fredy Massamba
Colm K. feat. Elaine Dowling- Basics
Birthday Boy & Trish - Chance To Go Far
Birthday Boy & Trish - Magic
Brit Manor - StopDropRoll
Brit Manor - Tide ft. Kilo Kish & Def Sound
Brit Manor - Under Water
Brit Manor - ...Call4U
Brit Manor - W8N4U ft. Novieux [prod Mike Gao]
Captain Planet feat. Samira Winter - Voce
Captain Planet - Fall All The Way (VINYL ONLY TRACK)
Captain Planet feat. Alsarah - Safaru
Captain Planet - S. S. Esfahan
Captain Planet feat. Paco Mendoza
Captain Planet feat. ChigiyoMaster - Chingata
Captain Planet - Quetzalcoatl Offering
Captain Planet - Cicada
Captain Planet - In The Gray (Instrumental)
Captain Planet - S.S. Esfahan (Thornato Remix)
Captain Planet - In The Gray (Deejay Theory Remix)
Captain Planet - Un Poquito Mas (LondonBridge Remix)
Captain Planet - Aguacero Feat. Chico Mann
The Pimps of Joytime - Keep That Music Playin (Captain Planet Remix)
Thornato - Ka Kong (Captain Planet Remix)
Zongo Junction - Elephant & Mosquito (Captain Planet Remix)
Buyepongo - Maestros (Captain Planet & Canyon Cody Remix)
London Afrobeat Collective - Prime Minister (Captain Planet Remix)
Saran - Tounkan (Captain Planet Remix)
Los Folkloricos - El Coco (Captain Planet Remix)
Alsarah & The Nubatones - Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix)
Ale' Sofi (Captain Planet Remix)
Shock (Captain Planet Remix)
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - New Bell
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - La Oscuridad
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Cuentos De Anoche
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Oye Bien
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Somos Candela
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Misunderstood ft. Brit Manor
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Y Ahora Que
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Ya Te Toca
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Burbujitas
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Vamos A Batalla
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Tumbo Parades
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Can't Let Go ft. Kendra Morris
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Como Me Miras (Allen French Remix)
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Ariwoko
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Ya Te Toca (Yukicito Remix)
Colm K - Spaced (feat. Walshy)
Colm K - Nothing
Colm K - Good Fridays
Dead Horse Beats - Young Ruins
Dead Horse Beats - The Moments
Dead Horse Beats - Dive
Dead Horse Beats - She Said ft. Frase
Dead Horse Beats - Inglaterra
Dead Horse Beats - Saintly
Dead Horse Beats - Body English
Dead Horse Beats - One Brother ft. Low Leaf
Dead Horse Beats - Winnipeg
Dead Horse Beats - Where Is My Other Half
Dead Horse Beats - Keep Dancing Forever
JJ's Groove
Dead Horse Beats - Easy Nothing
Dead Horse Beats - Home Days
Electric Wire Hustle - Desert Of The Real
Electric Wire Hustle - Golden Ladder
Electric Wire Hustle - Brother Sun feat. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version)
Electric Wire Hustle - March Feat. Deva Mehal (Haioka Remix)
Electric Wire Hustle - Troublemakers
Electric Wire Hustle - Golden Ladder
Electric Wire Hustle - OH I
Electric Wire Hustle - The Border
Electric Wire Hustle - Red Window
Electric Wire Hustle - I Light A Candle
Electric Wire Hustle - Go Slow
Electric Wire Hustle - March Feat. Deva Mehal
Exclusive Premiere: The Breathing Effect "Waves" (Bastard Jazz)
Kuromoji - Pond Folks
Premiere: Mophono - Bernardwuar
Lord Echo - Digital Haircut (Dub)
Captain Planet - Un Poquito Mas (Instrumental)
Illa J - She Burned My Art Ft. Moka Only
Illa J - Cannonball (prod. Potatohead People & Noo-Bap)
Illa J - All I Need Ft. Moka Only
Illa J - French Kiss
Illa J - Who Got It Ft. Moka Only (prod. Potatohead People & Mosaic)
Illa J - Perfect Game
Illa J - All Good Pt. 2 (ft. Moka Only & Ivan Ave)
Illa J - Universe
Illa J - She Burned My Art (Instrumental)
Illa J - Strippers (Instrumental) [co-prod Kaytranada]
Illa J - Sunflower (Instrumental)
Illa J - Universe (Instrumental)
Jolly Mare - Hun
Jolly Mare - Hotel Riviera (feat. Lucia Manca)
Jolly Mare - Broken Ceilings (feat. Crazy Bitch In A Cave)
Jolly Mare - Burnout
Jolly Mare - Universe of Geometry (feat. QuietDust)
Jolly Mare - Steam Engine
Jolly Mare - You Not Here
Jolly Mare - Want You Bad (feat. De La Montagne)
Jolly Mare - Universe of Geometry (Reprise)
Jolly Mare - Hungry Angry
Want You Bad (One Octave Down Remix)
Steam Engine (Indian Wells Remix)
Kid Loco - My Daddy Waza (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Mix)
Kid Loco - My Daddy Waza (Ezequiel Lodeiro's Latinazo Remix)
Kid Loco - My Daddy Waza
Kool Customer - Blackberry (Somebody Told Me) [Instrumental]
Kool Customer - Those I Like
Kool Customer - Nice Touch ft. Sally Green
Exclusive Premiere: Kool Customer "Blackberry (Somebody Told Me)" (Bastard Jazz Records)
Lord Echo feat. Leila Adu - Molten Lava
Lord Echo - Digital Haircut
Lord Echo feat. Toby Laing - Bohemian Idol
Lord Echo - Arabesque
Lord Echo - What Is That Feeling
Lord Echo - Ghost Hands
Lord Echo feat. Lisa Tomlins - The Creator Has A Master Plan
Lord Echo feat. Mara TK - Put It In My Head
Lord Echo - Street Knowledge
Lord Echo - Endless Dawn
Nicky Smalls
Bajah x Captain Planet - Out Of Hand (MUSIC = MEDICINE)
Mania De Peitão (Captain Planet Bootleg)
MonkeyRobot - Bold Soul (Free DL)
Street Knowledge Live At The Matterhorn 2012
B. Bravo & Teeko - The Roll Out
05. My Dearest Friend
08. Carried Away ft. Allie Crystal
Manatee Commune - Clay ft. Marina Price (Acoustic Version)
Manatee Commune - Clay (Instrumental)
Be Still ft. Marina Price
Pull Me In Part 1 ft. Moorea Masa
Pull Me In Part 2
Clementine ft. Marina Price
Sleeping Puzzle
Second Guess ft. Marina Price
Manatee Commune - No Reason
Manatee Commune - Blueberry
Manatee Commune - Interlude
Manatee Commune - Contain You feat. Maiah Manser
Manatee Commune - Simple Lessons
Manatee Commune - Brick Orange
Miles Bonny - The Future's Today
Miles Bonny - As You Sleep On My Lap
Miles Bonny - Welcome To My Arms
Miles Bonny - People Going Crazy (prod. Ta-ku)
Exclusive Premiere: Miles Bonny "So Hard (prod. Ta-Ku)" (Bastard Jazz)
Miles Bonny - I'll Be Here For You (prod. Ta-ku)
Miles Bonny - Miister Man (Instrumental)
Miles Bonny - Miister Man
Best of Bastard Jazz 2013 - Mixed by DJ DRM & Erik The Red
Lord Echo - 'Curiosities' (Rich Medina album mix)
Teeko & B. Bravo present: Tempo Dreams Vol. 2 [Minimix / Album Sampler]
Captain Planet - Mystery Trip Vol. 1 Mixtape
Captain Planet - The Ningané EP Minimix
MonkeyRobot - Last Days
MonkeyRobot - Rose Gris
MonkeyRobot - Northern Light
MonkeyRobot - Brick Stomach
Nick Wisdom - Good Times