Blue Canoe Records

Blue Canoe Records

Henderson,  USA
Record Label established in 2003.
Blue Canoe Records is an independent record label based outside of Atlanta, GA USA. Established in
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Bob Marbach - Pent Up House (Cover Song)
Bob Marbach - Walking In Place
Bob Marbach - 2002 Tango
Bob Marbach - Out At Night
Bryan Lopes - Happy Evil
Bryan Lopes - Landau
Bryan Lopes - My Lovely One
Bryan Lopes - Terrelism
Bryan Lopes - Two Pavilion Way
Bryan Lopes - Capital H
Bryan Lopes - Mr. Mooses Side Show
Bryan Lopes - Bouncy Pants
Buzz Amato - Spiraling
Buzz Amato - S'nice
Buzz Amato - Have A Funky Day - Free Download
Buzz Amato - Red Light District #16
Buzz Amato - Walkin' Away
Buzz Amato - Outta Here!
Buzz Amato - Lovestar
Buzz Amato - 911
Buzz Amato - This Must Be Heaven
Buzz Amato - If I Had A Voice
Charles Langford - Chucky's Funk
Charles Langford - Lost
Charles Langford - For Cathy (Free Download)
Charles Langford - Mary's Mood
Charles Langford - Someone 2 Luv
Charles Langford - Sunny (cover)
Charles Langford - That's Wassup (Free Download)
Chinua Hawk - Let's Stay Together (cover song)
Chinua Hawk - Your All I've Got
Chinua Hawk - If I Could
Chinua Hawk - Nothing Compares 2 U (cover)
Chinua Hawk - Sailing (cover)
Chinua Hawk - Sunflower
Chinua Hawk - After The Rain (Free Download)
Chinua Hawk - Careless Whisper (cover)
Chinua Hawk - On My Way
Chinua Hawk - Nickel To Spare
Cody Carpenter - Nebulous Is The Power (Free Download)
Cody Carpenter - A Simple Sustenance
Cody Carpenter - Her Precious Youth
Cody Carpenter - Premonition
Cody Carpenter - The Procession
Cody Carpenter - Thinking Of What Might Be
Cody Carpenter - Heart Of Slag
Cody Carpenter - The Divide
Cody Carpenter - Overlooking The Divide
Cody Carpenter - Face The Future
Cody Carpenter - Obsession
Cody Carpenter - Adrift
Cody Carpenter - Playing In The Spirit World
Cody Carpenter - Elemental Convergence
Cody Carpenter - Untouched By Man
Cody Carpenter - Fantasy Of Form
Cody Carpenter - The Savage
Cody Carpenter - Eternal Lust
Cody Carpenter - Transcendence (Free Download)
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Angels We Have Heard On High
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Silent Night
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Jingle Bells
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Winter Wonderland (cover song)
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Christmas Time Is Here (Cover Song)
Dan Baraszu and Joseph Patrick Moore - O Christmas Tree
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - Blue Christmas (Cover Song)
Dan Baraszu & Joseph Patrick Moore - The Little Drummer Boy (cover song)
David Ellington - Bridgetown (Instrumental Version)
David Ellington - Soul Survivors
David Ellington - Fool (Featuring Oliver Wood)
David Ellington - Lineup Willie
David Ellington - 98 Bottles (Featuring Clay Cook)
David Ellington - Annie (Featuring Marshall Ruffin)
David Ellington - Bridgetown (Featuring Bridget Kitson)
David Ellington - Goin' To Church
Duo Elevation - Omar's Lament Pt. 3
Duo Elevation - Wired
Duo Elevation - Sanctified
Duo Elevation - Don't Wanna Fight (cover song)
Duo Elevation - Omar's Lament Pt. 2
Duo Elevation - The Doodah Man
Duo Elevation - The Beautiful Ones (cover song)
Duo Elevation - Slingin' (free download)
E.M.P. Project - Synergy
E.M.P. Project - Shorterisms
E.M.P. Project - The Day That Never Was
E.M.P. Project - Chances
E.M.P. Project - Fused
E.M.P. Project - Just Visiting (FREE DOWNLOAD)
E.M.P. Project - Only You Know
E.M.P. Project - Wherever We Go (Free Download)
E.M.P. Project - Birdy
E.M.P. Project - Quickly & Quietly
EJ Hughes - Emotional Vampire
EJ Hughes - Shogun 10
EJ Hughes - Triste (cover song)
EJ Hughes - More Than Words (cover song)
EJ Hughes - The Master And Margarita
EJ Hughes - Bolivia (cover song)
EJ Hughes - Kogepan
EJ Hughes - Ghosts In The Machine (Free Download)
EJ Hughes - The Soul Collector
EJ Hughes - The Long And Winding Road (Cover Song)
EJ Hughes - Inyo
EJ Hughes - Hope America
EJ Hughes - WW2
EJ Hughes - Something To Say
Eugene Maslov - Oh, Those Good Old Days
Eugene Maslov - Boom
Eugene Maslov - Mother's Prayer
Eugene Maslov - Winter Morning
Eugene Maslov - Sketch (Free Download)
Eugene Maslov - Twin Waltz
Eugene Maslov - Hawaiian Evening (Free Download)
Eugene Maslov - Nardis (cover)
J-Mood - Desafinado (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Who Are You? (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Pick Yourself Up (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Harvest Moon (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Don't Wait Too Long (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Last Time I Felt The Sun (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Hope Restored
J-Mood - Loving A Person (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Consider Me Gone (Cover Song)
J-Mood - Blackbird (Cover Song)
Goan Wanderer (feat. Gary Novak, Steve Tavaglione)
I'm Hip
Palo Alto (feat. Gary Novak)
Sprite (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta)
Cedars (feat. Steve Tavaglione, Judd Miller)
Joan Miró
Viera (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Tavaglione)
West Orange (feat. Steve Tavaglione) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Jimmy Haslip | Scott Kinsey | Gergö Borlai - Owosso
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Little Unhappy Boy (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - The Masquerade Is Over (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Never Will I Marry (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - My Way Home
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Never Say Yes (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Unit 7 (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - The Old Country (Cover Song)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - J Lude
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Teaneck (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - Moments Notice
Joel Holmes - Soliquey Of Troubled Waters
Joel Holmes - Maiden Voyage (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - Impressions (Take2) (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - Summer Night (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - Fatima
Joel Holmes - Mr. P.C. (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - Chinese Fishing Song
Joel Holmes - Impressions (Take 1) (Cover Song)
Joel Holmes - African Skies (Free Download)
John Carrozza - The Promise
John Carrozza - Something I Said (Cover Song)
John Carrozza - Reflections
John Carrozza - Prodigal's Return
John Carrozza - Defining Moment - (Free Download)
Joseph Patrick Moore - Silent Night (feat. Dan Baraszu)
Joseph Patrick Moore - What Could Have Been (feat. Abbes Bouzefrane)
Joseph Patrick Moore - Yield
Joseph Patrick Moore - Take Me To Tibet
Joseph Patrick Moore - Stained Glass Aura
Joseph Patrick Moore - Careless Whisper (feat. Chinua Hawk & Chantae Cann) (Cover Song)
Joseph Patrick Moore - The Calling (feat. The RockTronix)
Joseph Patrick Moore - Bass Song
Joseph Patrick Moore - Xanadu
Joseph Patrick Moore - Fire On The Bayou / 1984 Medley (feat. Charlie Wood) (Cover Song)
Kalen Henry - Our Love Is Here To Stay (cover song)
Kalen Henry - L - O-V - E (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Don't Get Around Much Anymore (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Smile (cover song)
Kalen Henry - It's Only A Paper Moon (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Unforgettable (cover song)
Kalen Henry - This Can't Be Love (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Orange Colored Sky (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Nature Boy (cover song)
Kalen Henry - Straighten Up And Fly Right (cover song)
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Peace For Zim
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - The Thing About George Coleman
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - The Scenic Route To Donny's Heart
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - New York
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Daddy's Girl Cynthia
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Theme For Malcolm
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Nancy And The Children's Playground
Phillip Smith - The Biscuit Man (Cover Song)
Saltman Knowles Quintet - What About April (Free Download)
Jimmy Junebug Jackson - Save Your Love For Me (live) (Cover Song)
Bob Marbach - Ocean Parkway (Free Download)
EJ Hughes - Donna - (Free Download)
Ron Westray - Sun Day
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra - Blues For Brother Jerome (Free Download)
Bryan Lopes - Mermaids Mermen (Free Download)
Eugene Maslov - Last Ray
Dan Baraszu - Neutron Star (Free Download)
Megaphone Man - Slow As Hell
Megaphone Man - Don't Ask Me
Megaphone Man - Fat Gambling Liar/Miles Of Rust Medley
Megaphone Man - This Is Not A Drill (Free Download)
Megaphone Man - Three Part Nothing (live)
Megaphone Man - Razor Egg Hunt (live)
Megaphone Man - Bubble Hat (live)
Megaphone Man - Bubble Hat
Megaphone Man - Miles Of Rust (Free Download)
Megaphone Man - Fat Gambling Liar
Megaphone Man - Slow As Hell
Megaphone Man - Don't Ask Me
Megaphone Man - Fat Gambling Liar | Miles of Rust Medley
Megaphone Man - Three Part Nothing
Megaphone Man - This Is Not A Drill
Megaphone Man - RazorEggHunt Clip
Megaphone Man - Bubble Hat
Melbreeze - Animazonia (cover song)
Melbreeze - Favela (cover song)
Melbreeze - Desafinado (cover song)
Melbreeze - Frog Samba (cover song)
Melbreeze - Wave (cover song)
Melbreeze - Quiet Nights (cover song)
Melbreeze - Mas Que Nada (cover song)
Melbreeze - Anima (cover song)
Melbreeze - The Island (cover song)
Melbreeze - How Insensitive (cover song)
Nabil Khemir - Hkaya
Nabil Khemir - Gitane
Nabil Khemir - Nadam
Nabil Khemir - Parfum D' Orient Et D' Occident
Nabil Khemir - Hanin (Free Download)
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - Surreptitious Moves
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - Dark Waters
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - Part Time Smart
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - The Waiting Game
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - Low Row
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy Haslip - Red Wall (Va a Caer)
Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Jimmy H