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music discovery

Music Discovery Simplified - for Free

There is lots of music out there these days. We use technology to curate music, artists and creators based on your tastes to improve the probability of finding music you actually like.

One Stop Shop for All Your Music and Playlists

Tired of having some music on SoundCloud, others on YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify? Access all your music from one place! Create new playlists by combing tracks from multiple platforms.

255 Genres of Music Color coded by BPM

Browse your favorite genres of music or creators and discover related music genres with the same color that you may not be familiar with.

Top 100 Playlists of Music and Creators

Choose from 255 curated playlists by genre and filter by Trending, Popular or edm Rank (a proprietary algorithm designed to improve accuracy of the music discovery process).

Auto-Generated Profiles

We will build your bio; import your music, favorite genres, friends and followers from linked platforms. Your own personalized, pre-built edm community.

Support your favorite creators

Show your favorite artists, channels, clubs, dj’s, festivals and producers you are a fan! Your listening, viewing, site activity and social sharing will help promote and drive revenues for them. Pay them in virtual currency now with crypto currency coming soon.

Are You an Influencer?

We rank influencers by a multitude of data points including total social media reach and activity on the site. Being a top ranked influencer can drive sponsorship and brand integration opportunities.

Your influencer rank and total points are displayed prominently on your profile and in Top 100 Influencer lists.

Follow influencers that share similar tastes in music

Broaden your music horizons by seeing what some of the world's great music influencers are currently listening to and the newest releases. Find music before it hits the clubs so you can tell your friends you already heard it!

fan engagement

Fan, Music, Playlist & Data Management

We built this platform to help simplify your music business life, drive streaming revenues and create new revenue opportunities.

All your Music, Playlists and Fans in One Place

Promote your music and playlists from multiple platforms in one location to new and existing fans.

Auto-Generated Profiles

No need to spend time creating another profile. We will build your bio; import your music, playlists and fans from linked platforms with just a few clicks.

Verified Profiles

In fact, we have many pre-built profiles and may be already promoting you and your music for free. Verify your profile by clicking on 'verify.me' on your profile page and linking the appropriate accounts.

Creators with verified accounts are eligible for free promotion and featured placement on the site or work with edm.me to create a custom campaign.

Partner with Your Most Influential Fans - Influencer Discovery via Geolocation

We rank your influencers by total social media reach and display them on a map by city, country and lists so you can easily contact them.

We do this by aggregating your fans from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube on your profile page.

Show promoters how many fans you have in the area of live events to make your case for increased performance fees.

Crypto Currency Payments Coming Soon

The platform currently has a "virtual currency" payments system built and in place to facilitate payments to Creators. We will be converting this into a token crypto currency later this year to greatly enhance this opportunity.

music data

Valid, Transparent Data on Creators, Fans, Music and by Genre

We collect data from streaming music platforms via permission based API's and authorized social media accounts, scrub the data and organize it in a clear manner to simplify analysis, marketing efforts and decision making.

Music Data Analytics / A&R

We analyze billions of records of music and social graph meta data to create Trending reports we call Top 100 lists. You can browse these lists for free which often carry on to multiple 1,000's or you can work with edm.me to create custom lists.

Track actual music Plays by Creator across SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube in one place (more coming). While easy to generate fake follows and likes, it is much more difficult to fake 1 million plays on a streaming platform.

Trending data on 2 million creators

Trending data on 35+ million tracks and videos

Trending data on 255 genres of music

Audience Analytics and Engagement

Consolidated data from up to 9 music and social media platforms clearly displayed in one place on profiles.

Identify music influencers by Geolocation and genre and contact them for marketing and brand integration opportunities. Work with edm.me me to create customized target lists.

Stay engaged with your customers and fans when not at your events. By promoting you artist/creators and events on the site through your own profile you will have direct access to the permission based for your own marketing purposes.

Create and share playlists for your artist/creators customized for your events, which will support your artists and drive awareness and ticket sales. We can also create integrated marketing programs for you.

Creator and Stakeholder Promotion

All of these tools can of course be used to promote your own creators, events, labels, podcasts….